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Coach Molly /Skills & Drills

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Coach Molly /Skills & Drills

Date: 2017-04-18 15:26:56

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This week we talk with Coach Molly Williams and also talk about squat mechanics during our skills & drills.


  • The world’s fastest fat-burning workouts that’ll ignite your most explosive fat-loss hormones for a dynamite physique… These exercises are so powerful they’ll melt off embarrassing blubber from even your most stubborn fat areas including ‘love handles’, ‘spare tire’, and thigh fat that makes even walking uncomfortable…
  • The step-by-step exercise guide that’ll make working out ‘easy as pie’… This easy-to-use program will give you shocking results that your friends can’t help but notice (especially when you tell them you only spend 18-minutes a week training)…
  • The most convenient workouts ever combined into one program… NO more commute. NO more expensive gym membership. NO more inconvenient gym hours. Get overnight fat-loss results hand-delivered to you right in your own living room…
  • Instant access to ‘beginner’… ‘intermediate’… and ‘advanced’ workouts so you can LEVEL-UP after every “workout block” for uncanny results in unbeatable time… These 6-minute workouts send a unique surge of energy flowing through your veins so you’ll have more power, spirit and stamina to take on the day—every day…
  • Why every repetition rewinds time on your physique… Plus the recovery secret that’ll pave the way for unbeatable fat loss… Found on page 9.
  • How you can use simple items scattered around your house, and even your own bodyweight to torch fat and pack on lean muscle muscle 24/7… You won’t have to touch a dumbbell, barbell, or exercise machine ever again after you discover these ‘at-home hacks’ for getting ripped…
  • The first exercise program that can truly be done ON YOUR TERMS… This program is so powerful you can use it as a solo workout, tack-on tactic, or de-load protocol for lightning-fast results…

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  • Why “sharing the load” during your workout is crucial for electrifying your #1 fat-loss hormone 21x in only 6-minutes… You won’t ever again train your muscles like they’re a motley crew of disjointed body parts after discovering this little-known secret for crafting a head-turning physique…
  • The scientifically proven way to flood your veins with the ‘Miracle Elixir For Life’ so you can look and feel younger than you have in ages… Each spectacular workout will unleash ‘fountain of youth’ hormones that tighten your skin and make wrinkles disappear so you can show off a younger you (even as you age)…
  • How you can look 20-40 years younger in only a few months according to a groundbreaking study done at the McMaster University in Ontario… HINT: It’s a wonder that every person in the world isn’t using this simple trick right now…
  • How-to train ache and pain free while getting an unbeatable workout… This dynamic training technique is so easy on your body it’ll protect you from uncomfortable muscle imbalances, chronic joint inflammation, energy crashes, and scary gym-injuries that’ll put you on the sidelines of life…
  • The last and ONLY piece of workout equipment you’ll ever need to change your life and transform your physique… Found on page 3.
  • Why this training tactic improves flexibility and makes you ‘real-world strong’. Not just ‘gym strong’… BONUS: These diverse exercises will spark training with excitement and make you wonder why you ever gave into boring workouts full of mindless repetitions in the past…
  • The workout solution for busy people… Get the “biggest bang for your buck” with every short and easy training session…
  • ‘No-hassle’ workouts that you can take with you. On vacation. In a hotel room. At the beach. You can get ripped anytime, anywhere from now on…
  • Why kettlebell training is known as a “Cure For Lower Back Pain”… This training tactic puts your muscles and joints on autocorrect so you won’t ‘tweak you back’… ‘pull a hammy’… or ‘pinch a nerve’ ever again…
  • The three-headed monster training technique that’ll rev-up your metabolism, add slabs of lean muscle to your frame, and stimulate natural growth hormones that’ll set you up for fat-loss around the clock… You’ll be amazed at how fast the fat falls off your body even when you’re lying around doing nothing…
  • The only way to train in the morning without sucking your energy levels dry for the rest of the day… Found on page 6.
  • Why women don’t have to worry about ‘bulking-up’ on this workout plan. And instead can look forward to showing off a lean and curvy body like today’s sexiest female celebrities… Plus why men will craft the ripped physique that every woman craves and instantly demands respect and status among peers…
  • Why kettlebells are like carrying a ‘gym in your hand’, how-to strengthen every muscle from head to toe, the preferred training method of United States Navy Seals since the turn of the century, why kettlebells will simplify your life, how-to train your core for a ripped set of abs without performing endless amounts of back breaking crunches, why you’ll finally achieve better posture in only weeks, and so much more!

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